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Space satellite monitoring from earth or

Space is no longer a sovereign place where nations operate free from ill intent.  Adversaries continue to develop systems to deny, disrupt, and destroy allied space systems. The U.S. Government's solution is disaggregation, resiliency, and utilizing "New Space" to bring forth lower cost, highly capable systems, with a technology refresh rate never before seen.

Startups, legacy companies, and technology crossover from other domains are the new enablers to change for the space industry.  They are bringing speed, novel ideas, and a nothing is impossible attitude.



RV Reentry.jpg

From the early Atlas, Titan, and Minuteman days we have had the brave men and women watching over us 24/7.  The ICBM systems were built during the Cold War and they have operated >30 years past design life.  The new Ground Based Strategic Deterrent system will breath new life into our always vigilant watchmen.

Hypersonics is a new entrant to the nuclear triad and solutions must be created to develop our own systems, while defeating our adversaries.  It is a challenging task since they travel greater than five times the speed of sound. 

Communication technology and internet wo

Everything that moves between space assets to terrestrial gateways travels over the Electromagnetic Spectrum and this spectrum must be maximized, protected, and capable of delivering uninterrupted data even when contested. 

Unique startups have created encryption, coding, and protection measures which can be the "guardians of the links" between space and terrestrial data.

Information enables better decisions and provides greater knowledge allowing society to push beyond current boundarys. 



Freedom of action in space is not a birthright; it must be secured, and it must be preserved. This requires constant vigilance, strong partnerships, and active participation.

~ Lt Gen David Buck - Committee on Armed Services House of Representatives Hearing 

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