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It's a simple formula, but one only a few master.  The blueprint of success tells the story of a bold vision, technical competence, effective communication, being approachable, and empowering  people.  Retired Lt. Gen Dave Buck's distinguished Air Force career was built on this philosophy. 


The foundation of the Buck Consulting Group (BCG) relies upon his 31 years of operational expertise and leadership experience.  Through this philosophy BCG helps unlock potential and spur client growth in endeavors spanning Space, Cyber, and Nuclear arenas. 

BCG is a cohesive team of retired AF officers and industry professionals with requisite security clearances who bring deep acquisition, engineering, and operations expertise.  This spans the spectrum from the D.C. Beltway, USSTRATCOM, AFSPC, NRO, and SMC.


The BCG is laser focused on: strategy development, agency navigation, market penetration, compliant/complete/compelling proposals, and leadership engagement. 



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